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The International AGORA Research Group Project (IARGP)

The aim of International Research Group AGORA is to provide a stimulating and interdisciplinary approach in the field of studies on urban public space leading to enforcing-capacities towards the development of an open, democratic local societies. The main core of the expected interactions in public space, which shape social, the economic, political and cultural profile of urban life. The research aims to identify new targets for the future development of democratic city. The special attention is given to the exchange of knowledge between researchers dealing with the cities experienced with the results of radical changes in the political and economic systems. The AGORA concept approaches the city space defined by globalization as a point-shaped by the important and mutual links. So the South - Northperspectivewithin the research is as well present to the enlarged impact of the expected findings.

Since 2015 the AGORA group brings together members of the different academic fields represented by the international lecturers as well as doctoral students, to enhance cooperation in Research&Innovation. The group conducts joint workshops on current trends and turns in the public realm. Furthermore, colleagues at the center organize international and interdisciplinary conferences and edit joint publications. The Group is focused on z to apply for research grants and research projects. Itistheambitionofthe AGORA group to facilitate a North-South academic dialogue which all participants have equal access and can contribute.

Members of the International Research Group AGORA

Mickey Lauria, Ph.D.,  Professor of City and Regional Planning,
College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities
Clemson University, SC USA

Ebru Firidin Özgür,  Ph.D., Assoc. Prof.
Adem Erdem Erbas, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof.
Mimar Sinan Fine Art University/ Istanbul, Turkey
Department of City and Regional Planning

Justyna Martyniuk-PęczekPh.D. Habil., Professor of GUT
Gabriela Rembarz, Ph.D.,  Assoc. Prof., IARGP Leader and Initiator
Gdansk University of Technology
Faculty of Architecture
Department of Urban and Regional Planning

Louis Stephen du Plessis, Msc., Deputy Head – Department of Architecture
Durban University of Technology
Faculty of Engineering and the built Environment

Doris Gstach, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof.
Urban and Spatial Planning Program
Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning
Erfurt University of Applied Sciences

Debbie Whelan, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer and Director of Teaching and Learning
Lincoln School of Architecture and the Built Environment, College of Arts,
University of Lincoln, UK

Agata Twardoch, PhD, Assoc. Prof.
Siliesian University of Technology
Faculty of Architecture, Department of Urban and Spatial Planning 

Main activities

2015 AGORA I Gdansk (in cooperation with ECS European Solidarity Center)

  • Conference: The Modern Agora for Building an Open Society
  • Workshop (Research by Design): Neighbourhood’s International Market Place. Modern Agora for Inspiring Democratic Society
  • Joint Publication: Space, Economy, Society

2016 AGORA II Istanbul

  • Workshop (Research by Design): Planning, Design and Art in Public Space

2017 AGORA III Erfurt

  • Conference & Workshop (Research by Design): Meaning and Use of Public Space in a Diversified Society
  • Study Tour on (Gdansk, Lodz, Wroclaw, Leipzig, Weimar, Erfurt, Berlin): Participatory Planning and Public Space in the Context of the Revitalisation Process

2018 AGORA IV (in cooperation with ECS European Solidarity Center)

  • Conference: Meaning of the Identity of Place Gdansk
  • Workshop I (PhD students): Public Space. The Identity of Place Through Dialogue, Participation, and Design
  • Workshop II (Research by Design): Water, Port, Neighbourhood. The Identity of the Nowy Port Quarters and the Community

2019 AGORA V Lincoln, Gdansk
for an OPEN SOCIETY: Democracy, Hybridity and Resilience, the 5th International Scientific Conference

  • Part 1 – Gdansk Tech (23.05.2019):
    17 celów światowej polityki na rzecz zrównoważonego rozwoju 2030. Nowa agenda miejska (17 Goals of the Global Policy for Sustainable Development 2030. New Urban Agenda)
  • Part 2 – University of Lincoln (27.05.2019):
    Hybrid Space and Placemaking: New Places in Extraordinary Times
  • Workshop I (PhD Students International Seminar) – University of Lincoln (28.05.2019):
    Peopled Cities, Urban People: Dialogue, Methodology and Design
  • Workshop II (Research by Design Students' Workshop) – University of Lincoln (27.05.2019 – 30.05.2019): 
    Harbour and Port: Knitting the City. Connecting the City, Connecting the People

2020 Gdansk Tech

  • The COVID-19 Lockdown Open Lectures on Sustainable Development Policy: Goal 11