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Students' affairs

studentki i studenci na placu przed gmachem głównym Politechniki Gdańskiej

Summer Schools

During their studies, students can gain additional competences and certificates. Additional certificates are mainly associated with participation in international summer schools organized within EU programs. The teaching staff of the Faculty constantly strive for a wide range of such additional forms of education in consortia of foreign universities (from Italy, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Sweden, and others).

The Faculty of Architecture,  Gdańsk University of Technology has a rich history of running such programs and related series of workshops both as a coordinator or organizer as well as a partner institution in the project.

  • Hansa Universities Workshop, Groningen, Erfurt, Oldenburg, Gdańsk (2015- 2018) – partner i organizator
  • Baltic International Summer School BISS pt. :  Think the Link w ramach projektu BeInterBaltic Strategic Partnership :  Intersections in Built Environment: Promoting Interdisciplinary Higher Education in The Baltic Sea Region: Hamburg  (2015-2018) - partner
  • Intensive Program (IP) pt. :  European Workshop on Waterfront Urban Design EWWUD, Lisbona (2011-2014) – partner
  • Intensive Programme:  Structure in Building Culture: Amsterdam, Hasselt, Gdańsk, Barcelona, Vaduz,  (2009 -2014)
  • Intensive Programme (IP) pt. : WIRE  – Winter  School International Research and Education Art and Architecture, Ankara, (2013-2014) - partner
  • Intensive Programme (IP) pt.: EWTA – European Workshop for Tourism and Architecture: Ayvalik, Izmir (2008-2012) - partner
  • Intensive Programme (IP) pt.: Art & Science – Synergy of Art and Technology in City Spaces: Gdańsk, (2010–2011) - partner
  • Intensive Programme (IP) pt.: Sensing the City – Designing Urban Experience: Gdańsk, L’Aquila, Caseres (2009–2012) - koordynator
  • Intensive Programme (IP) pt.: Bridging the City – Water in Architecture, Urban Spaces and Planning: Gdańsk, Bratislava (2006-2009) - koordynator

BeInterBaltic - for more information click HERE

Erfurt Summer School 2016: Think, Build and Play

A limited number of places is available for this international workshop for Master students of Architecture. Those interested may gain further information and sign up using the information below. 
The Summer School Think, Build and Playfocuses every year on a specific material and the realisation of a genuine experience in architecture. The purpose of Think, Build and Playis not only to come to an idea and realise it through collaboration, but also to set it up for specific use on the final day of the workshop. The workshop lasts three days. 

  Workshop location –PetersbergCitadel, Erfurt

The Petersberg Citadel,  the only extensively preserved baroque fortress within a central European city, is located  in the heart    of Erfurt. Historically this extraordinary complex has not only been used    by the military as a strategic stronghold,    but also by    the former    Staatssicherheit (Stasi)    of the DDR    – a contentious part of    the cities past. The  Workshop    will focus on researching the abilities of using a ‘weaving architecture’ to    the citadel    to the citizens of  the town can be established through     to complete this task.    The area is laden with contrast. On    the one hand it is  defined by    a necessity    for concentrated contemplation of    the citadels    role in the history of this    region, yet    on the other hand    this role exists within an expressive    space seemingly open and unencumbered by history. Within    this  contextual contradiction     lies the challenge to create new connections between the different layers of history, urban fabric and public    spaces – weaving architecture will explore the re-appropriation of the cityscape to create new interdependent relationships.

The workshop is about realising concepts within this context and translating these concepts into structures. The students may only use a minimum range of tools, need to deploy a hands-on approach and can only use the limited time available for working out their ideas. The focus of this workshop is not so much on the end result, but rather on the qualities of the process, problem soloving and installation. Our specific material will be willow branches.

A ‘weaving architecture’ does not only have to deal with predestined functionality, but also with unexpected use. In order to test these qualities, the installations will be set up for temporary use. We think that this staging of architecture can contribute to imagining the many possible functions and therefore the multiple identities of built environments. 
Think, build and play is about creating architecture as the scenery for tomorrow, where the city is no longer the opposite of nature. 

The Summer School will be accompanied by inspiring talks and surprising contributions, not only from architec-ture, but also from fields such as hand crafts, performing arts and history. A detailed program of the workshop will be available for those who sign up. 

Practical information 
For:Master students of Architecture
When:Thursday 1 September till Sunday 4 September
Workshop leaders: Teachers form Groningen, Erfurt, Oldenburg in cooperation a landscape architect from Erfurt 
Where: Erfurt (Workshop location and sleeping accommodation)
Workshop location: Petersberg, Bodendenkmal St. Leonards Chapel
Costs:approx. € 100 (three nights and lunches and diner for three days)
Further information: Prof. Philipp Krebs, FH Erfrut, mail:

Contact person:
mgr inż. arch. Katarzyna Urbanowicz

Arts & Crafts Summer School in Liechtenstein

For the first time, the University of Liechtenstein offers an Arts & Crafts Summer School from July 6 – July 18 2015. The aim of the Summer School is to strengthen and enhance artistic as well as handicraft aspects in education. This Summer School has been established as a cooperation between the Institute of Architecture and Planning and the Werkraum Bregenzerwald in Austria.

The program consists of two weeks altogether which will be dedicated to oneWeek of Arts and one Week of Crafts that the participants will both be attending. The first week in Liechtenstein aims to improve sketching, drawing and sculpturing as a direct medium of designing and communicating and the second week in the Bregenzerwald enhances the understanding of materials and their manufacturing methods in Scale 1:1. The two weeks are supplemented by various visits to Artists’ studios as well as to related contemporary architectural buildings. A final Exhibition of the Arts & Crafts Results will conclude the Summer School at the Werkraum Bregenzerwald, in a building designed by the Swiss Architect Peter Zumthor.

The Arts & Crafts Summer School is integrated in the daily life and local architecture in Liechtenstein and Austria, a region well known for its high level of craft traditions and careful use of resources, both major attitudes of sustainability. Students will enjoy to work and interact with local, well established crafts-people during the Summer School and they will be able to learn through the experience in Scale 1:1.

Further information and the registration can be found

We are looking forward to see you at the Arts & Crafts Summer School 2015.

University of Liechtenstein

Carmen Rist-Stadelmann

Institute of Architecture and Planning