widok na wnętrze auli Politechniki Gdańskiej

Architectural Education at Gdańsk Tech

The teaching of architecture and urban planning for the diplomas of „inżynier architekt” and „magister inżynier architekt” at the Gdansk University of Technology Faculty of Architecture is conducted in accordance with the standards of the European Union and in cooperation with UNESCO, UIA, EAAE, ISOCARP and other European Schools of Architecture.

Recognition of Gdańsk University of Technology diplomas.

In our programme we strive to:

  • emphasize the interdisciplinary and holistic approach to the design process referring to its aesthetic, technical and humanistic aspects,
  • facilitate an understanding  of cultural, social and environmental values and conditions,
  • encourage reconsidering and redefining the relations between tradition and innovation as well as knowledge and imagination, 
  • offer an integrated approach to design which encompasses the challenges of contemporary architectural discourse, 
  • nurture  a sensitivity that is essential to solving problems associated with transforming and revitalizing architecture, urban areas and landscape,  
  • encourage the creation of sustainable environments. 

In our education process, it is important to: 

  • develop creativity, imagination and innovation combined with critical reflection and a an ability to fulfil precise specifications,  
  • be open to inspiration in diverse areas of knowledge regarding history, culture, aesthetics, art, architectural theory, technology and sustainable design, 
  • develop abilities to conceptualise, create projects as well as realise the processes in architectural practice,  
  • encourage a critical approach to past achievements and inspire the forming of one’s own aesthetic views on the basis of one’s knowledge of architectural theory and history as well as culture.

In answer to contemporary challenges our education programme is simultaneously specific and comprehensive; it offers a solid intellectual base, knowledge of history, theory, technology, the social environment and architectural practice. 

In preparing graduates for the full range of possiblities to conduct the architect’s profession:

  • we update and improve our programme to meet the constant changes in architectural trends and rapid technological innovations,
  • we offer additional forms of education (student exchange programmes, international summer schools, distance learning and lifelong learning).