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Date added: 2023-05-12

We invite you for a reflection - The role of architects and planners in humanitarian crisis

students' project presentation
A group of 16 students from the Faculty of Architecture will construct prototypes of temporary shelters on the grounds of the Ethnographic Branch of the National Museum in Gdansk.

On May 17-18 from 9:15 a.m. to 4/5 p.m. students of architecture will build prototypes of shelters as part of the "Shelter - Learning by Doing" project. The project aims to demonstrate young architects' creative approach to building temporary shelters in response to global humanitarian issues.

The project was developed as part of an elective seminar organized by PhD student, architect and urban planner Bahaa Bou Kalfoni, urban planner Gabriela Rembarz from the Department of Urban and Regional Planning and local architect Michal Podgórczyk for fourth semester architecture students at Gdansk University of Technology.

The project aims to engage architecture students in humanitarian challenges around the world in different cultural backgrounds. The students will build on site using recycled materials, promoting sustainability. This will increase their ability to train non-professionals to act urgently in any crisis. The idea for the seminar was initiated by raising questions about our role as architects and planners in responding to challenges through emergency preparedness solutions.

The project team invites interested individuals and organizations to join them on May 17 and 18 at the MNG Ethnographic Branch and reflect on solving global humanitarian challenges through creative design solutions.