Seminarium Dyplomowe

1. Introduction
The presented method is an original program teaching basic theory of architectural design and basic principles of architectural criticism.
2. The aim of the seminar curriculum
The aim of the curriculum theory of the architectural design at the semester 1 th is to familiarize students with contemporary trends of architectural design. The main objective of the seminar is to develop and deepen students' awareness concerning the development of modern trends of architectural design , urban planning and public spaces design, presented at all over the world in recent years in relation to the philosophical issues, sociological, economic and technological as well as the contemporary trends of revitalization and design in urban planning and architecture scale.
3. Curriculum method
The program is conducted as a seminar meetings, with individual multimedia presentations conducted by individual students, focused on creativity of the known worldwide architectural offices or studio and discusses the main features of creativity with analysis of factors affecting the specific nature of the spatial forms. After presenting and analyzing the work of selected architectural studio, each participant of the seminar has to design a poster, using a synthetic graphical elements to present the main elements characterizing the work of the selected architectural studio. The originality of this method allows students to learn the basics of the constructive and aware criticism of architectural form, analysis using philosophical, sociological, economic and technological tools. Part of the design seminar provides an opportunity to design of a synthetic character or groups of characters illustrating the main features of the designing work of the selected studio. The last five of fifteen meetings are dedicated to the presentation of the graphic projects and joint discussion on individual solutions.