"To provide high-quality education for the dynamic development of knowledge-based economy and society. As well as scientific research at the highest international level, in order to fully participate in the transformation of our civilization and cultural enrichment, particularly in the fields of science and technology."

The Faculty of Architecture at the Gdańsk University of Technology encourages research and education about the built environment and its different interactions with human society.

The Faculty draws its strength from faculty members and students who make up a remarkable intellectual community of scholars, researchers, and teachers of diverse fields including architecture, urban and spatial planning, sociology, philosophy, geography, civil engineering economy, and the art. The most pressing problems facing our natural environment are complex, often requiring collaborative investigation by scholars versed in different disciplines. By connecting scholars and practitioners from different disciplines, the Faculty seeks to raise the quality of environmental research at the Gdańsk University of Technology and beyond.

The Faculty seeks to provide the next generation of Gdańsk-Tech-educated researchers, policymakers, and corporate leaders with a comprehensive interdisciplinary architectural education while fostering linkages and partnerships amongst different parts of the Gdańsk University of Technology as well as between the University and the outside world.

Through a variety of grants and fellowships, the Faculty supports research related to the environment at every level, from graduates through senior faculty members. By sponsoring symposia, public lectures, and informal student convocations, the Faculty connects people with an interest in the architecture, city, and built environment.