Dutch Design Week 2019 - Free lodging for architecture students


Eindhoven and Dutch Design Foundation strongly believe in the power of designers and their impact on the world of tomorrow. And we believe in collaborations and bringing design talent together. No better way than to bring them all together during Dutch Design Week 2019. But: for many students this week is way too expensive due to high staying costs surrounding this international event.

That is why we want to give international design talent the opportunity to come to Dutch Design Week 2019 and sleep here for free! To visit Eindhoven and have a three-day experience. We are looking for students that want to become part of our new design community and get connected to design talent living in Eindhoven.





For more information students can contact Mr. Edwin Blok, Product marketeer Bright Talent, e-mail: edwin@eindhoven365.nl, tel.: +31  1297 8655.