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BUP Student Conference 2019

Student Conference 2019

Baltic University Programme’s Annual Student Conference 2019

Sustainable Consumption and Circular Economy in the Baltic Sea region

25th to 28th of April 2019
Aegviidu, Estonia

Deadline for applications: 3rd March 2019.
Please see the online Application Form

Organized by the Baltic University Programme (BUP) and Euroakadeemia.

The Baltic University Programme and Euroakadeemia, can proudly present the BUP’s annual student conference 2019, on the topic of sustainable consumption and circular economy in the Baltic Sea region. A conference for students studying at undergraduate and graduate level in the Baltic Sea region.


How do we reach a sustainable consumption that stays within the ecological boundaries of our planet? Is turning our linear system thinking into a circular one going to solve the problems?

During a four days conference in the rural town of Aegviidu in northern Estonian, the BUP will host an international student conference, with expert speakers from both academia and society. The conference will deepen the participants’ knowledge in what is required to reach the sustainable development goal number 12 (Sustainable production and consumption), by approaching the problem from a circular economic approach. We will learn and discuss the possibilities to close material loops with the help of both technological and societal solutions, while discovering new aspects of sustainability in our region.

A number of invited experts from Lund University, Riga Technical University, SITRA (the Finnish Innovation Fund) and others, will provide lectures and workshops, from which participants can build a solid basis of knowledge.

Knowledge to action

In a second step of the student conference, the participants will be given the possibility to translate their newly gained knowledge into action. With the help of the experts, we will encourage and support a student initiated plan of action, to be taken further to the upcoming events surrounding the 10th Annual Forum of the EUs Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (Annual Forum).

For the Annual Forum, BUP has teamed up with the Regeneration2030. Together we are actively working to involve young people in the regions decision making, by sending a delegation to the 10th Annual Forum of the EUs Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. The annual forum is an event where politicians, NGOs, universities, businesses, local and regional administrations and media, from all over the Baltic Sea region merge and discuss the future of our region. This year, these groups will be joined by a delegation of Baltic Sea region youth. So let us do the best with our knowledge and and make change happen!

Students’ parliament

During the 3rd day of the conference, the annual students’ parliament will be organized by the BUP’s students’ representatives. This is an event where students from the BUP member universities can influence and promote ideas regarding the work of BUP. It will also be the time for electing a new students’ representative to the BUP’s international board. For more information of the students’ parliament and the position as students’ representative, visit our students’ parliament site (coming soon) or contact one of our two students’ representatives.

Applying to the students’ conference

To attend the students’ conference you need to send an application using the online form on top of this page. We do not accept application via e-mail or other ways of communication. Due to a limited number of places for the conference, only six participants from each Baltic Sea country will be selected. Application deadline is the 3rd of March 2019, 23.59 (CET).

Place, time and cost

The conference will take place between the 25-28th of April 2019, in the town of Aegviidu in northern Estonia. A transportation will be arranged from Tallinn to the conference venue at the 25th and back to Tallinn by the 28th.

The conference is free of charge for students that are currently enrolled at a BUP member university. A conference fee of 150€ applies for students enrolled at a participating university, that are currently not a members in the BUP. Click here to find out if your university is a member university.

During the conference, food, accommodation and transfer between Tallinn and Aegviidu is included. Participants themselves are responsible to finance the trip to and from Tallinn. We strongly encourage you to apply for financial support from your home university to cover the expenses of travelling.

Selecting participants

The conference is open for students enrolled at a BUP member university or participating university. Students from the BUPs members universities will, however, be given priority over students from participating universities. To ensure a diverse group of students, representing the greater Baltic Sea region, we will select participants based on the following criteria’s; motivation letter, post-conference engagement, country of origin, gender balance and field of studies (our aim is to create a transdisciplinary group of students, where many different fields of studies are represented). All applicants will be presented with a result at latest 15th of March 2019. 


The conference is planned and organized by the Baltic University Programme’s coordinating secretariat at Uppsala University, Euroakadeemia University and the National BUP centre in Estonia. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Conference organizer:

Conference coordinator
Pontus Ambros, Project Assistant, The Baltic University Programme coordinating secretariat, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden.

Local organizer
Prof. Tatjana Põlajeva, National Centre Director BUP Estonia, Euroakadeemia, Tallinn, Estonia.

Students representatives
Sylwester Nagórka, International Student Representative, University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland.

Mirjam Weituschat, Deptuy Intenational Student Representative, University of Greifswald, Greifswald, Germany.