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Dealing with Interdisciplinary - Approaching the Built Environment in an Interdisciplinary Manner. 

​The Conference brings together experts from the academic and practitioners´ world who are interested in sharing their expertise on inter¬disciplinary collaboration in the development of projects for the design of the built environment. Participants will be inspired by the short inputs of several keynote speakers, renowned experts from each of the four categories:

• Structural Design Duncan Horswill, Director BIG Engineering, Copenhagen 

• Architectural Design Kåre Stokholm Poulsgaard, Head of Innovation, 3GXN Copenhagen 

• City Planning + Infrastructural Engineering Jens H. Larsen, Associate Arup Denmark, Cityringen Metro Copenhagen 

• Arts & Art Interventions in Public Space Jan Körbes, REFUNC Germany, Berlin Lab & Silohouse

We kindly invite you to join our events and discussions! Please register until 30 April following the link:

Registration Link​

For more information please contact Dorota Kamrowska-Zaluska: dzaluska@pg.gda.pl

website: http://www.beinterbaltic.org/​