New edition of the postgraduate certificate Building Beyond Borders: Architecture of Extr-a-ction

After a very strange year, in which the world was a little less global due to lockdowns and quarantines, we are happy to announce A NEW EDITION OF THE POSTGRADUATE CERTIFICATE BUILDING BEYOND BORDERS, starting in SEPTEMBER 2021 and welcoming graduates and professionals from over the world to become change-makers in the built environment.

As part of the wider Building Beyond Borders platform, the postgraduate course aims to ENHANCE KNOWLEDGE AND PUSH ACTION towards REGENERATIVE AND DISTRIBUTIVE DESIGN AND BUILDING PROCESSES. Focus is on responsible ways of building, within a context of scarce resources and lo-tech approach, aiming for a positive environmental impact and high social return. The programme includes a series of THEORETICAL SESSIONS, LECTURES, WORKSHOPS, HANDS-ON EXPERIMENTS, DESIGN EXPLORATIONS AND A REAL-LIFE PROJECT while collaborating with local stakeholders, craftsmen, multidisciplinary experts and professionals.

In the first edition, the positive power of locally embedded design and craftsmanship culminated in the realisation of the Women’s house of Ouled Merzoug, Morocco. The whole process exceeded the expectations by far thanks to the unconditional commitment of all participants and the local community. The project was designed and built with the utmost dedication to the focus of the course, using local and vernacular
materials and techniques and striving for a comfortable indoor climate and a smooth blending in its surroundings. It makes the Women’s House a welcoming ‘home’ for the women of Ouled Merzoug.

In the upcoming edition - ARCHITECTURE OF EXTR-A-CTION – starting in September 2021, we will explore the opportunities of URBAN HARVESTING to transform the (built) world we live in today into a system that tries to regenerate and distribute the values it creates more broadly.

In collaboration with 3 PIONEERING URBAN MINING ENTERPRISES – BC MATERIALS, SONIAN WOOD COOP AND ROTOR - acting in the city of Brussels,
we will dive into all different (scale) levels, ranging from resource extraction, over the (re)production of building materials and components and the design of buildings to the benefits and challenges for the society.

You can check out our Youtube channel with some movies of previous edition’s real-life project or our building beyond borders website. You can also meet us during the ONLINE INFO SESSION on THURSDAY APRIL 1ST 2021, 7.30 PM-8.30 PM (CET).

You can as well find more information here.