EAIE Helsinki 2019

EAIEHelsinki 2019 is in few months and we hope you’re excited. We look forward to meeting you and to help us to book a suitable meeting time, we are using Brella networking tool. Below you will find information on how to use Brella and suggest a time for a meeting with us! You will also find many of our Finnish higher education colleagues in the same app.

We recommend you spend 5 minutes with Brella todayto view newcomers and send more meeting requests to people you want to meet.

If you haven’t already, make sure to sign up - it takes less a minute:

  1. Sign up by using your laptop or mobile device: Click here - the event code is: eaie2019xfinland
  2. Search for our staff members in "People"
  3. Send your meeting requests and accept or decline pending requests

You can also download the Brella app from the App Store or Google Play and use our code eaie2019xfinlandto join us.

Looking forward to seeing you at EAIE Helsinki!

Brellaset up for “Meet Finland at EAIE Helsinki”

  1. Create a Brella account from here (https://next.brella.io/auth), add a profile picture, fill in the name of you higher education institution name, social media channels (if you wish) and write your intro (up to 280 characters).
    All Finnish higher education institutions are listed under Higher Education but they are not connected to People.
  2. After creating your Brella account, it is time to join the event itself.

Join link: https://next.brella.io/join/eaie2019xfinland

Join code: eaie2019xfinland

  1. If you are using Brella in your computer browser or mobile browser, we suggest using Chrome or Safari. Internet Explorer is not supported.
    If you prefer to download Brella App, please do it from here: App Store orGoogle Play and use Join code: eaie2019xfinland
  2. Please remember to use same log in details/account in both, browser and App version of Brella if changing in some point. (Options: Google, FB, Linkedin and Brella)
  3. Once joining the Meet Finland at EAIE Helsinki 2019event, take your time to you choose your interests (seeking and offering) as the matchmaking is based on your selections. The interests are listed according to the International Standard of Classification of Education (ISCEND) 2011. Then you can mark your suitable meeting times in the Schedule.
    You can see everyone registered for the event in Brella, but your most relevant matches are listed first.
  4. So now you are in and it is time to start suggesting meetings and accepting, canceling and rescheduling the inbound meeting requests you have received.
  5. Then about meeting locations: Once your meeting request is accepted, the Brellabot will give you a table number. If in some cases the tables will run out, Brella.bot will advise you to set your own location for the meeting via Chat.
  6. If you have any questions, we are supporting you at support@brella.io